World’s tallest working height for a 3,5-ton van-mount

Get the comfort of a van-mount and performance of chassis-mount

VERSALIFT reaches new heights after launching the VDTL-165-F mounted on either a 3,5 t Renault Master or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. VERSALIFT has managed to manufacture the world’s tallest van-mounted lift, thus continuously staying ahead of competition. The van-mount has a working height of an impressive 16,6 m. and an outreach of 8.5 m.

Market leading payload
The overall performance of the van-mount is improved compared to previous lift vehicles and an innovating mindset has been key to the market leading payload. Improving the payload to 306 kg (including driver, passenger and a full tank) allows the user to add optional interior, tools, spare parts etc. thus providing valuable flexibility. Mounting the VDTL-165-F on a van also secures the workshop tools from theft or weather damage.

High quality craftmanship has led to a stronger boom and turret, particularly the boom stiffness has been enhanced. The VDTL-165-F has a clean design and parts are strongly protected, thus low maintenance is ensured. 

Other notable features include emergency operation from the ground, turret tail swing and outrigger spread within the mirrors. The VDTL-165-F mounted on a 3,5 t van is made in Europe and designed to meet the needs of the European market.

In short, the new VDTL-165-F is a true game changer for the van-mount market in Europe, as the lift vehicle truly is more than a van-mount.

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