Aspen A-62


This model has been extended to access areas over, around and under some of your widest bridges to provide you with the pinnacle of “no-compromise” performance and efficiency.


Outriggers are not required and all counterweights stay within the width of the truck body. The Aspen A-62 is truly in a league of its own.


Two rotating turntables plus multiple articulating and telescoping booms allow the 40”x 60” rotating platform to deploy off of either side of the truck to access all of your structures.


The Aspen A-62 was designed from the ground up resulting in greater versatility, simplicity and reliability under all types of conditions.

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      Part of the Versalift family

      Aspen Aerials is an industry-leading bridge inspection company with more than 30 years of experience. Aspen Aerials manufacture durable, stable and high reaching special equipment for safe and trouble-free bridge inspection. 

      Examine bridges from above, below and alongside with the Aspen A-62. Versalift and Aspen Aerials are both well-known for their innovative mindset. New stability management technology makes it possible to operate truck-mounted bridge inspection equipment without the need for outriggers.

      “Aspen Aerials was back in 2018 acquired  by Manufacturing/Versalift. A deal that created significant value by expanding its set of high quality product offerings, and at the same time, leveraging its own growing global market access.

      Now known as ‘Aspen Aerials, a Time Manufacturing Company,’ the Duluth, MN-based manufacturer will continue to lead the bridge inspection equipment and repair industry, in North America and beyond”

      “We are delighted to welcome Aspen Aerials, a market leading manufacturer in the bridge inspection space, to the Versalift family” 

      “With this acquisition, we extend our reach into an important and growing industry, and continue to expand our offering of high-quality, safe and reliable equipment.”

      – Time Manufacturing/Versalift CEO Curt Howell.

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