The VTL-120 100% electric lift vehicle from Versalift

VERSALIFT pushes the technological limits with the new 100% electric lift vehicle

VERSALIFT proudly announce the development of an exciting 100% electric lift with a VTL 120 mounted on the electric Renault Master, which has demonstrated impressive results on vital criteria. The vehicle will have an impressive range of 100 km. even loaded to its maximum capacity (mixed driving). Furthermore, the unit has a payload of 185 kg. including driver and passenger.

The innovative mindset at VERSALIFT is fundamental to achieve such impressive results. Furthermore, considerations regarding the social implications of an eco-friendly alternative were paramount, thus providing lift vehicles for the future.

The VTL-120 100% electric lift vehicle from Versalift

The new 100% electric lift vehicle mounted with a VTL 120 mounted on the Renault Master, is for the first time revealed live at BAUMA 2019 in Munich. The full electric vehicle will also be available with the lift models VTL-135-FZ.

The 100% electric lift is powered by a Lithium-ion battery and is available with either the small (2,5 kWh) or the big (5 kWh) Power-Pack. Battery tests exceeded customer request of 10 working cycles with an impressive 20-30 cycles on the small battery and 40-60 cycles on the larger battery, as a single working cycle lasts merely 75-95 seconds. Extended battery lifetime is essential to increase effectivity, as work is continued without delays. Furthermore, one minute of lift usage consumes 1% power capacity, as the control system and flash consume 10% power capacity, there’s 90% capacity available for working with the lift. Therefore, the maximum lift working time amounts to 90 minutes for the large Power-Pack.

The 100% electric lift vehicle is easy to charge, and the large 5 kWh Power-Pack is charged 80% within merely 3,5 hours (with a 230 V socket).

Other critical features include an info display for the Power-Pack and is situated on the pedestal. Moreover, a display is installed at the bucket to warn about low battery levels.

The range of 100 km. for the Renault Master provides transport flexibility during work. There are multiple benefits associated with employing the 100% electric lift vehicle, such as a noticeably reduction in disturbance of the public. Moreover, companies can work in the city during off-peak hours, without public interference and disturbance. Moreover, the possibility of working in closed spaces is feasible due to the emission-free engine, thus extending the possibilities of aerial lifts.

The VERSALIFT 120 mounted on the Renault Master has a working height of 12 meters, a bucketload of 120kg and many other notable features. The VTL-135-FZ has a working height of 13,5 m.

VERSALIFT is the leading manufacturer in the world of aerial lifts and produces more than 4000 lifts each year, this number hastily increases each year, due to the high demand for VERSALIFT products.

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