Versalift Unveils game-changing V-Range: A new series of top-qaulity straight telescopic lifts on chassis

We are very excited to announce the release of our new product series, the V-Range, starting with the V200 which was released in May 2023 at the APEX show.

This new product range was developed to complete our existing line of products, filling the gap in our portfolio that was previously created by a high focus on van mounts. Through the years we have received numerous requests for a true Versalift straight telescopic on a 3.5 t chassis, and we decided to listen to customers and provide a full range catering to the different needs of the diverse market in Europe.

The process of developing the V-Range

We continuously evaluate which products should be included in our portfolio, based on market analysis and input from our valued customers. Since Ruthmann and most recently France Elévateur joined the TIME group, we have been working closely together, to identify which products we need to add to strengthen our range of machines.

With our collective expertise, we determined that adding a range of straight telescopic lifts with working heights between 17 and 22,5 meters, in the well-known Versalift quality was the solution. We will soon be releasing a full line of new telescopic lifts on chassis, including the V200, V170, and V225F.

To tailor our offerings to the French market, it was further decided, that the V170 will be a joint venture between France Elévateur and Versalift. This approach will allow us to work closely together during the development of the unit, with Versalift designing and producing the lift while France Elévateur will handle the subframe and installation at their state-of-the-art facilities in northern France.

The first lift in the V-Range, the V200, is released in the spring of 2023. The V170 will follow, and the range will be completed with the V225. At Versalift, we are committed to meeting our customer’s needs and continuously improving our product offerings. With the addition of the V-Range, we will be able to provide an even more comprehensive range of products, offering customers a greater selection of top-quality lifts to choose from.

We are excited to announce the launch of the V-Range, which is the result of our strong partnership with Ruthmann and France Elévateur,” said Martin Sloth, Product Manager at Versalift Europe. “We have been listening to our customers, and the V-Range is the perfect addition to our product range, offering our customers more options and solutions for their access equipment needs.”

Introducing the V200 from Versalift 

The V200 is a high-performance telescopic lift designed to tackle rigorous work at height. The V200 is installed on a 3.5-ton Iveco Daily with a wheelbase of 3750mm, augmenting its turning radius to ensure optimal maneuverability. Built from high-strength steel, both the lift itself, as well as the subframe, are lightweight and robust, offering ample spare payload for the installation of a Versalift hybrid systems, such as the e-Tech lithium battery pack.

With a maximum working height of 19.90m and a horizontal reach of 14.00m, the V200 presents a versatile work diagram providing operators with ample flexibility. Yet when in the transport position, this lift measures less than 3 meters tall. It boasts a generous maximum capacity of 300 kg in the two-man bucket, allowing operators to easily carry significant equipment and tools.

Equipped with automatic stabilization, this lift guarantees safe and reliable operations. The automatic stabilization and leveling system facilitates hassle-free maneuvering and enhances safety. Operators can stabilize from the bucket or the optional control panel, placed at the rear of the vehicle, providing flexibility in various situations.

The precise and smooth proportional movements of the Versalift control system provide greater control to operators, especially when performing simultaneous maneuvers. Finally, the V200 features an aluminum cage bucket for entry and exit from both front and rear sides, allowing flexibility for operators when performing roof work and other tasks. The bucket is equipped with hydraulic rotation as standard, providing even greater flexibility for operators.



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