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At Versalift, we are regularly looking for talented and hardworking people to become part of our team. We are proud of our strong and talented workforce, and a good and inspiring work environment is a high priority with us. Versalift is a global company, and we develop reliable aerial acess platforms of high quality. Our sucess is found in our highly qualified employees, in-house engineering and raw materials. 

Your carrer at Versalift is just as important to us, as it is to you. Working for us, will offer you a large variety of work tasks, which ensures stabile and creativity for all employees.

Learn more about working at Versalift down below, or contact us if you feel like you could make a difference for out company.

Jesper & Axel

Job opening at Versalift

If there are currently no job postings matching your experience, but you are confident you would be a great fit for the company: submit your application, and we will take it under careful consideration for any future opportunities.

We’re always looking for skilled and dedicated employees. Send your application to and we’ll be happy to read it!

Success at Versalift

All employes at Versalift plays a huge role in order to create success for Versalift. Working at Versalift means, that you are using your time and knowledge on creating success stories with us. That will offer you exciting and challenging tasks, which you benefit from being a part of, but you will also be part of a strong work force, who is committed and dedicated to their work and responsibilities.

Versalift has production facilities all over the world, which makes us an international company, with a wide varaity of networks around the globe. Your job and colleges will help your career grow and improve, both nationally and internationally. 

Production and sales

At Versalift, we have a inclusive and diverse work environment, as different perspectives on things, provide the best ideas and solutions for us. For our employess, we offer sharing of knowledge and career developemt – this all comes naturally in a healthy and inspiring work environment.

Our success can be found in highly professional quality developed products. We are always busy at Versalift, since our sale is increasing. Therefor, we are often looking for new employees, in order to produce as much as we are selling. Our skilled productionteam is an important piece in prouducing enough units. This is why, there is a smooth transaction between our production and sales team.

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