Pickup – A compact vehicle

Popular product in England and Sweden

Pickups has been a popular product for a long time, mostly in countries such as England and Sweden. Lately, various other countries in Europe have discovered the possibilities with a Pickup vehicle.

The advantages with a Pickup, compared to vans and other regular chassis mounted units is that the Pickup solution is very light and compact. This means, that the Pickups is useful in parks, smaller paths, and inner city where other vehicles would give up. 

Historically, we have sold many units to countries such as England and Sweden, but there has now been an increase in demand for these units in the rest of Europe.

Fiat Doblo fra Versalift

Expanded production

Due to the increased production, we have been forced to use more space and capacity than usual, to mount the Pickups. This, however, is a challenge we meet with open arms, as we have a strong team, who create solutions when our sale accelerates, as it does now. 

Versalift equals quality 

When you choose a Versalift, you also choose a vehicle of high quality. At Versalift, we take pride in making sure, that your aerial access platform stays in business, both now and in future. 

We have a highly qualified workforce, who is dedicated to deliver great service for our customers.

Our production team is currently working extra hard, to produce enough units, according to the high demand on Pickups. The destination for these units Germany, Finland, Sweden, and Austria.

The ideal vehicle

Regular car

A Pickup is considered as a regular car. All it takes, is a regular driver’s license, but it allows you to enter places where other regular cannot access.

The ideal vehicle for parks and narrow streets

With the pick-up solution it is possible to access narrow streets and enter small parks, you will not have to worry whether the vehicle can fit your workspace.

We also offer aerial access platforms on Pickups such as Fiat Doblo or a 4 X 4 Ford Ranger, all dependant of your needs. The vehicle can be produced with a total weight from 2,505 kg and still allowing a payload of 200 kg and up.

The ideal vehicle for off-road

Do you need to go off-road to do the job? Not a problem with the Pickup. We offer several solutions mounted on off road Pickups. With a working height of 15,5 meter, and an outreach of up to 7,5 meter our solid VDTL-series gives you access to go anywhere to get the work done.

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Ford Ranger lift

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