VTX-240 Get Up & Over easily

The VTX-240 has a unique capability of going up and over buildings, thus providing optimal working conditions in areas with low accessibility.

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Working height
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The VTX-240 has several notable features, such as

  • Locking and unlocking the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from the upper control display.
  • Automatic car locking when the lift leaves the stow
  • Unlock the car, when the lift is back in the stow.

Eco start/stop can be activated, thus stopping the engine after 10 seconds, and starting the engine again when the joystick is activated. The VTX-240 comes with a user-friendly display, which guide and assist the user with outrigger placement on the ground. The display also provides useful information about the lift status to give the user a seamless experience.

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Why choose the VTX-240?

  • All high strength steel structure
  • Rigid structure (doesn’t flex as much as similar competitor machines)
  • Very low transport height
  • Ability to move up and down in a straight line because of the lower boom telescopic design.
  • Unique working diagram, customer can much better use a VTX-240 to all kind of different work, with a straight boom or a straight boom with flyboom, they are limit in the working diagram.
  • Parking very close to a building, and still be able to do both facade and roof work, not possible on a straight boom lift.

  • Bottom mounted cage allowing the operator to get very close to rooftops etc.
  • True 3,5-ton installation, the weight is below 3,5 ton even with all fluids + driver and passenger.
  • 220 kg. Cage capacity + dynamic outreach depending on cage load.
  • LCD display in both upper and lower control w. diagnostics.
  • Can go 3,3 meters below ground level for bridge inspection etc.
  • 2 x 90-degree cage rotation
  • Auto setup and Home function including outrigger setup.
  • Outrigger “setup” from the chassis cabin, making the operator able to see all outriggers while deploying. When operating the outriggers from cabin, they touch the ground and go up 100 m to be able to place the supporting plates, the rest of the positioning of the outriggers is from cage control.
  • Footplate/outrigger setup becomes easy with the LCD control inside the chassis cabin.
  • ECO start/stop (Extra option) the vehicle stops the engine after 10 sec. after the last movement. Engine starts again as soon as the joystick is activated.
  • Lock vehicle function (Extra option) The doors of the vehicle locks automatically when the lift leaves stow and unlocks again when lift returns to stow.

Want to know more?

Reach out to us at sales@versalift.dk and we’ll be happy to provide even more information. Otherwise, you can go to our product page and read the VTX-240 specifications