Sortimo Car Storage System

Authorized Sortimo dealer

Versalift is authorized Sortimo dealer and service center via the subsidiary “Bilindretning Nordjylland”.

Sortimo is a German company, who produces car interiors of high quality. These Sortimo Car Storage Systems are used daily in countless service cars around Europe.

With Sortimo, you get a good and safe securement of your tools, whilst being on the road. Sortimo is flexible and can thus be adapted to your specific needs. 

It pays to contact a professional team.

Take a closer look at our productseries down below, and learn more about all the possibilities you get with Sortimo Car Storage System.

Sortimo Globelyst

Globelyst is Sortimos allround-series of Car Storage System with components, which can be assembled in countless ways depending on the size of your van and your interior design needs.

Sortimo HD

HD is Sortimo’s rugged series of car interiors with robust components designed to withstand greater load. This way, you gain secure stowage of heavy equipment and bulky materials.

With Sortimo Car Storage System, you will have the ability to gain direct access to the workspace, and the lift, without leaving your vehicle. This is very usable and a safer solution, when doing work in congested areas. 

Sortimo product

We design all types of vehicles with Sortimo workshop equipment.

Sortimo – a safe solution

Safety is top priority at Versalift, both your personal safety as well as your valuable cargo. That is why, Sortimo has run crash tests on all products in the last 30 years. Having a Sortimo Car Storage System gives you security, whilst working in the car.

All vehicles – no matter the brand

We mount our products on and in all sort of vehicles, regardless of brand and type, and we offer the best service on the market. We provide both standard solutions and special solutions for all professonal groups.

Sortimo – a functional solution

Sortimo’s innovative development has, in addition to secuirty, also the weight of your vehicle in mind, when designing your workspace. The low weight has an impact on fuel economy and load capacity. 

Based on the customer’s needs and the options of your vehicle, design propsals are drawn for you. The solution proposals can contain both internal and external options for you. 

Contact our Sortimo dealer in Denmark

Alex Nielsen, Foreman

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