PowerPacks and Hybrid Solutions

A Green Choice

Increasingly strict environmental regula­tions in major European cities impose de­manding requirements for both emissions and noise levels of vehicles working in inner city areas. Equipping the aerial access platform vehicle with an electric motor is a straightforward response to those require­ments. We offer various solutions for hybrid power packs including Lithium Ion and VRLA GEL battery packs available for vans, pickup truck and trucks in both 12 and 48 volt configurations.

The power pack is an environmentally friendly alternative to an aerial access platform driven solely by the diesel engine of the vehicle. The electric motor greatly reduces the noise output and eliminates all emissions produced by a diesel engine, as the diesel engine is shut down during aerial work.

With the hybrid power pack, the vehicle is equipped with an electric motor and a battery package.

Using the aerial access platform with the hybrid system, both the diesel engine and the electric motor is available as an option while the vehicle remains powered by the diesel engine.


Lithium Ion battery package

A Lithium Ion battery package provides capacity for one days use, recharges overnight and will be operational for 2000 recharge cycles before the capacity drops to 80%. This configuration weighs between 90 and 180 kg depending on the specific capacity.

The electric motor and all battery cells are stored in a closet between the pedestal and the cabin taking up a limited portion of the valuable space in the van.

Lithium Ion batteries are significantly light­er than the GEL batteries we use for truck mounted Hybrid systems, as a similar capacity weighs only a third using Lithium Ion batteries.

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