Monday, October 28 was a day of celebration at Kenya Power Lighting Company in Nairobi, Kenya.

The day marked the official launch of the Live Line project for KPLC. A project that will enable KPLC to perform maintenance and repair work on the powerlines throughout Kenya while they are live.

The technique is called Hotline work or Live Line work and it is considered a state-of-the-art technique for maintaining a continued power supply to the users while working on the lines.

KPLC loses revenue and the economy is negatively impacted from power outages so the innovative company decided to implement this technique to better service their customers and improve on efficiencies.

Eight units of insulated Versalift VST-52-I and three Versalift insulated Digger Derricks were used in the initial pilot phase and resulted in a significant reduction in shutdowns (since the commencement of the Live Line programme KPLC indicate about 40% reduction of shutdowns with further improvements expected in future), improved efficiencies and better service provision.

A professional company like KPLC chose nothing but the best partners for such a project, and Versalift is proud to be the chosen partner for supplying high quality insulated aerial access platforms for the linesmen to work safely while elevated to perform their live line operations.

On this historic day the Versalift distributor in Kenya, Engineering Development Ltd proudly represented Versalift in the launch of the latest supply of 24 identical units of our insulated Versalift VST-47-I mounted on Isuzu FTS 4×4 chassis.

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