Bauma 2019 in Munich is just around the corner and VERSALIFT is, as always, heavily present at the trade fair with several live lift vehicles.

The public can look forward to experiencing the VDTL-155-F, VTM-150-F, VTX-240 and the LT-90-TB. The focal point is undoubtedly going to be the much-anticipated 100% electric lift vehicle with a VTL 120 mounted on the Renault Master and the VDTL-155 mounted on a Ford Ranger Pick-up.


Versalift is excited to showcase the much demanded Dual telescopic VDTL-155 mounted on the Ford Ranger, thus the pick-up is also included in the Bauma line-up. The VDTL-155 has a working height of 15,5 m and has a platform height of 13, 5 m. Furthermore, the cageload amounts to 120kg/230kg and finally, the horizontal reach is 7,5m/5,6m. High performance and compact design.

100% Electric – VTL-120

The VTL-120 mounted on the Renault Master has a working height of 11,7 meters, a cageload of 120kg and many other notable features.  The vehicle will have an impressive range of 100 km. even loaded to its maximum capacity (mixed driving). Furthermore, the unit has a payload of 185 kg. including driver and passenger.

The 100% electric lift is powered by a Lithium-ion battery and is available with either the small (2,5 kWh) or big (5 kWh) Power-Pack. The small battery can perform

20-30 cycles and 40-60 cycles on the larger battery.

A 100% electric lift vehicle can noticeably reduce the public disturbance. Moreover, companies can work in the city during off-peak hours, without public interference and disturbance.

Versalift also offer the 100% electric lift vehicle with either a VDTL-38-140 or VTL-37-135 mounted on the fully electric Renault Master.


The VTM-150-F is mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and has a cageload of 120kg/265kg and a horizontal outreach of 9,4m/7,5m. Furthermore, the working height amounts to 14,9 m and the platform height is 12,9 m.

In total the GVW amounts to 5000 kg and the payload is 990kg when the driver and a passenger is included in the final weight.


The VTX 240 mounted on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is also featured at Bauma 2019. The VTX 240 has an impressive working height of 24,2 m. and a maximum outreach of 12,3 meter. The VTX-240 has a unique capability of going up and over buildings, thus providing optimal working conditions in areas with low accessibility.

The VTX-240 has several notable features, such as the possibility of locking and unlocking the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from the upper control display. Moreover, it’s possible to activate automatic car locking when the lift leaves the stow and unlock the car, when the lift is back in the stow.

Eco start/stop can be activated, thus stopping the engine after 10 seconds, and starting the engine again when the joystick is activated. The VTX-240 comes with a user-friendly display, which guide and assist the user with outrigger placement on the ground. The display also provides useful information about the lift status to give the user a seamless experience.


The LT-23-90-TB mounted on a Fiat Doblo is also showcased at Bauma 2019, thus Versalift present a diversified product range at the trade fair to meet the varied customer demand. The LT-23-90-TB is mounted on the compact and light Fiat Doblo Workup.

The lift vehicle is highly suitable for urban areas, as short vehicle length of merely 5 m allows for parking almost anywhere. Moreover, the LT-23-90-TB has a working height of 9 m.  Outriggers are not necessary as the lift can be used from the time it’s parked. The Fiat Doblo Workup only weigh 2,5 t, yet it has an excellent payload of almost 300 kg when the driver and passenger is included.

Bauma is from April 8 -14th in Munich and all industry key players are present at the trade fair. More than 600,000 participants attend the trade fair and more than 3500 exhibitors will be present. VERSALIFT showcase a wide selection of lift vehicles and professional staff is present at our stand to welcome you and answer your questions.

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