Re-branding at Versalift but same high quality

Following The Sterling Group’s acquisition of the TIME group from O’Flatherty Holding, Ireland, the company is
re-branded to shift the emphasis on the Time brand to the much-recognized Versalift brand worldwide.

Thus, we proudly reveal that the Versalift brand is officially substituted with the longstanding TIME brand.
The re-branding affects the entire company across divisions, thus substituting “TIME export” with “TIME
Denmark” and “TIME International” with “VERSALIFT International A/S”.

Furthermore, this shift extends to the additional sub-brands to provide brand consistency across countries and
markets. The previously well-known name “TIME Export” and “TIME Danmark” are combined and re-branded
as “VERSALIFT Denmark” to include all personnel in Denmark except sales and marketing.

• TIME Export→ VERSALIFT Denmark
• TIME Danmark → VERSALIFT Denmark
• TIME International → VERSALIFT International

Additionally, the company logos are changed to align the company brand to sufficiently match the changed brand names. The modified logos are an extension of the known <<VERSALIFT>> logo. The new logos differentiate by primary market location and below the indicated location, the logo is further extended with “A TIME MANUFACTURING COMPANY “ to emphasize its roots in TIME.

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