TIME International has developed the world’s lightest series of van mounted access platforms weighing in just shy of 3000 kg leaving more remaining weight for cargo, equipment and customization than ever possible in the lightweight 3.5 t GVW class. TIME International expects the models to be a popular choice for street light maintenance among energy corporations and municipalities as the improved residual weight will make the vehicles less restricting for end users performing everyday tasks.

Shorter, lower and lighter

Accessibility, low weight and compact vehicle dimensions – without compromising safety – are the guiding design principles of the new series, VERSALIFT Light Duty. All vehicles are accessible for a larger crowd as the combined weight, well clear of the 3.5 t GVW cap, permits users with a regular driver’s license to use the vehicles. The low weight has been achieved through a combination of innovations in the construction of the Light Duty access platform and by using a shorter and lower Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van with a wheelbase of just 3250 mm.

Unrestricted freedom

The VERSALIFT Light Duty series is all about accessibility and freedom and is less restricting than previous light weight van mounted solutions.

“Previously, technicians were restricted with a 3.5 t van mounted access platform because the weight quickly approached and even exceeded the 3.5 t mark as fuel, people, equipment and cargo essential to everyday use was loading onto the vehicle. That is no longer an issue in the new Light Duty series,” says Per C. Torp, CEO of TIME International.

40 years of experience

VERSALIFT is the bestselling van mounted access platform as 3 out of every 4 sold van mounted access platforms worldwide is a VERSALIFT. TIME International has 40 years of experience developing van mounted access platforms and the new VERSALIFT Light Duty series is the result of many years of incremental innovations that has finally pushed the total weight under the 3000 kg mark without compromising build quality or user safety.

The ETL-26-115 and ETL-30-130-F represents the Light Duty series – the latter featuring a 90° flyboom, A-frame outriggers and dual joystick Inlet Proportional Controls despite the low weight tag.

About TIME International
Time International is the global export division of American TIME Manufacturing Company. TIME International produces and mounts aerial access platforms onto vehicles from the factory in Farsø, Denmark. Customers are energy corporations, municipalities, equipment rental companies and other companies in need of mobile solutions for working in elevated work sites.

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