Versalift celebrates lift number 1000 of a new design manufactured in Denmark. An accomplishment that would reach the top of Mount Everest twice, if you total the heights of all 1000 lift vehicles.

Versalift in Denmark followed an effective strategic path with determination and reached lift number 1000 of the new design, with impressive speed. In less than three years, the yearly production in Denmark doubled ten times. A strong organizational foundation and facilities geared for growth provides encouraging prospects for the future at Versalift.

Manufacturing an extra 1000 lifts in a matter of three years requires commitment, innovation and hard work. It all began with the VTL-series. Versalift set out to push the boundaries in the industry and design the best possible vehicle-mounted platform tailored for the European market. 

Back in April 2018 a brand-new product-series (VTL*) was introduced, a product series aimed to suit the demands of the European market. The result was a fusion of a brand new, lightweight telescopic platform series for light commercial vans, chassis and pickups available with a standard class B driving license.

New product-series (VDTL and VTM) followed, and the new product series quickly proved a huge success. The new tailored product series for the European market, is a true demonstration of the unique capabilities within Versalift.

Lift manufacturing in Denmark evolved with incredible haste and the growth generated more than 50 new jobs in a small region of Denmark. Success in France and United Kingdom also greatly contributed to reaching the milestone. The factories in France and United Kingdom, are responsible for mounting the lifts manufactured in Denmark on vehicles, which then are sold on their respective markets.

Kim Bach, CEO at Versalift Denmark said:

“The journey and success so far has been amazing.The VTL/VDTL/VTM product line still has a huge potential for growth in both Europe and in certain countries outside. We continue to develop the product line, focusing on customer needs, quality and TCO. As always, we listen to our customers and improve our products to meet updated market requirements”

Versalift is grateful for the enormous support from partners, customers, employees and all the other people who helped us reach this immense milestone. It truly is a remarkable achievement which is made possible by the dedicated employees at Versalift.

*The series labelled “VTL” (short for Versalift Telescopic Light) merges the superior shaped boom design of the Versalift VT series with the low weight of the existing Versalift ETL series.

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