TIME International is set to introduce a brand new lightweight series of Versalift vehicle-mounted platforms at the Intermat exhibition in Paris on 23 – 28 April.

The new series labelled “VTL” (short for Versalift Telescopic Light) merges the superior shaped boom design of the Versalift VT series with the low weight of the existing Versalift ETL series. The result of this fusion is a brand new, lightweight telescopic platform series for light commercial vans, chassis and pickups available with a standard class B driving licence.

Perfection in performance
The new Versalift VTL features ultra-high strength steel booms in a formed profile for exceptional rigidity providing platform operators with ultra-smooth and stiff working conditions in the bucket.

Compared with the existing lightweight Versalift ETL, the new all-steel turret of the VTL is both notably bigger and more rigid which in turn both increases the lengths of the booms and improves the overturning moment of the entire platform. These improvements are crucial factors resulting in a significant improvement in both working height and lateral outreach.

Structurally, the VTL is remarkably strong despite its low weight supporting a bucket capacity of up to 265 kg (although a 265 kg bucket capacity only is offered on vans and trucks with a GVW of at least 5 t for reasons of stability).

Compatible with existing Versalift installations
The Versalift VTL is compatible with existing Versalift ETL and ETM vehicle installations from the roof and downwards as it uses many of the same mounting components. Due to the high degree of compatibility, the VTL is already available in a range of sizes and configurations for several popular commercial vans, chassis and pickups including the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Renault Master, Ford Transit, Iveco Daily and Ford Ranger.

Clean, lightweight design
The new Versalift VTL is made to stay on the road. It is designed and manufactured in Europe and all booms are given a thorough powder coating in full compliance with the C3 ISO standard to withstand the often harsh changing seasons in Europe.

Both the booms and the turret feature a clean design with no exposed components or plastic covers for low life-cycle costs and easy maintenance.

Despite all the innovations, the new Versalift VTL series does not compromise the crucial leftover payload as it actually weighs slightly less than a similar Versalift ETL installation and significantly less than a similar Versalift ETM installation.

Safe and stable
Elevating people is a potentially hazardous business and at Versalift, safety is our no. 1 concern.

Therefore, both the spread of the A-frame outriggers and the tail swing of the new turret are kept within the mirrors of the vehicle for optimal performance without compromising safety.

In addition, the valve bank is mounted at the pedestal for safe, ground level emergency descent operation.

A history of innovation
With more than 40 years of experience as an industry trailblazer in the van-mounted segment, TIME is no stranger to product innovations having already disrupted the market with several innovations through the years.

“With the VTL, we once again set out to push the boundaries in the industry and design the best possible vehicle-mounted platform for installation on light 3.5 t vehicles, and I am happy to say that we have done just that,” says Per Cæsar Torp, Sales Director at TIME International.

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