Left to right: Kim Bach Jensen, the new CEO of TIME International and Per Cæsar Torp, the new Director of Sales and Strategic Planning of the company

TIME International, the global Versalift export division of American TIME Manufacturing Company
(TMC), has effective immediately redesigned the company’s organizational structure following several
leadership changes.

Kim Bach Jensen succeeds Per Cæsar Torp as the new CEO of the entire TIME International group
including its three subsidiaries in Denmark, England and France. Kim Bach Jensen was Vice President
and CFO of the group prior to this announcement. Per Cæsar Torp remains in the management team in
a new position as Director of Sales and Strategic Planning of the company while newcomer Martin
Lybæk Christiansen has been appointed as the new CFO filling in the seat left vacant by the promotion
of Kim Bach Jensen.

Per Cæsar Torp has led the Danish based access company for more than 25 years. The company
started as a privately held company and in 1985, the company entered a strategic collaboration with
the American platform producer TMC. In 2001 Per Cæsar Torp sold the company to the American
partner and since then, TIME International has been the global export division of TMC responsible for
the sale of Versalift vehicle-mounted platforms on all markets outside of North and South America.

Kim Bach Jensen is the new CEO
The appointment of Kim Bach Jensen to CEO of the entire TIME International group has been planned
for some time as the next step in the succession of the company. Kim Bach Jensen possess degrees in
accounting and financial management and has been part of the leadership team of TIME International
for more than 10 years. Since 2016, Kim Bach Jensen has also been the CEO of the Danish subsidiary
TIME Danmark following the first step in the planned succession.

New position for Per Cæsar Torp
“Following a period of illness in 2017, I decided to ask for an acceleration of the planned succession
and pass along the torch to Kim Bach Jensen a bit sooner than planned,” says Per Cæsar Torp.

Per Cæsar Torp will not be leaving neither the access industry nor TIME Versalift at this point. Instead,
he has transitioned into a newly formed position as Director of Sales and Strategic Planning of the

New CFO completes the organizational changes
The vacant seat as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is filled by newcomer Martin Lybæk Christiansen who
was Senior Controller at KMD in Aalborg. Martin Lybæk Christiansen has a degree in financial
management and computer science from the University of Aalborg and extensive experience as a
controller in several major International companies.

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