During the last year Versalift Denmark has seen their production skyrocketed to new heights. This has been accomplished with an efficient and quality-focused production, as well as numerous hours of hard work by dedicated employees.

Less than a year ago, Versalift celebrated that they over the course of 3 years had built 1000 lifts of the VTL-series. Now, just 11 months later, they can celebrate having built another 1000 lifts. 

In April 2018 a new product-series called the VTL was introduced by Versalift Denmark. The series was designed to push the boundaries of the industry and to create the best possible vehicle-mounted platform tailored for the European market. The result? A brand new, lightweight telescopic platform series for light commercial vans, chassis, and pickups, available for anyone with a standard class-B driver’s license. 

What set the VTL apart from competitors in 2018 is still where it excels – it is strong, stable, and durable. Because of this, the VTL-series has become one of Versalift’s most popular products in Europe, proving that their assessment of the market needs and wants were accurate. 

The VTL encompasses the essence of Danish design, with the focus on functionality, quality, and comfort. The lift has exceptional strength due to the unique design of the boom made of high-strength steel. Furthermore, the optimized weight distribution allows for a lighter vehicle, without compromising on stability and outreach. All of this makes the VTL an extremely durable lift that offers great user experience, both regarding driving comfort, a safe and stable working platform as well as great payload.

The fact that there are now 2000 lifts from the VTL-series in the hands of satisfied customers, is an impressive achievement. This accomplishment is the result of Versalift’s ability to meet market needs, as well as a solid organizational foundation geared towards growth. The success of Versalift can be attributed to their factory in Denmark where the VTL-lifts are designed, built, and mounted, as well as the factories in France and United Kingdom, that are mounting the lifts, to be sold on their respective markets.

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