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Made in Denmark: Tailor-made access platform vehicles

One size does not always fit all. Industry niches and complex tender specifications increasingly require manufacturers to ignore stock products and adapt to customer demands …

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Kim Bach Jensen new CEO of TIME Danmark

Kim Bach Jensen, CFO and Vice President of TIME Danmark, is the new CEO of TIME Danmark effective 1 May. He picks up the reins …

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Versalift Ibérica new Versalift distributor

Versalift Ibérica is the new, exclusive distributor of Versalift access platforms in Spain and Portugal from May 1. Versalift Ibérica is a newly formed subsidiary …

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5 Versalift VTX-240 for RIWAL

The Danish branch of the International access rental group RIWAL has taken delivery of 5 Versalift VTX-240 from TIME Danmark as part of a fleet …

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Invitation to milestone Versalift delivery on Bauma 2016

For more than 50 years, TIME has been among the leading manufacturers of vehicle mounted aerialaccess platforms for International markets. Now, as we enter Bauma …

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Versalift ready for Euro 6

For Bauma 2016, TIME International exhibits a complete range of Versalift aerial access platformsready for the new Euro 6 emission standard. The TIME International stand …

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Gearing up for Bauma

German, Austrian and Swiss representatives from both the sales department and the management ofRuthmann just concluded an intensive sales training of the Versalift aerial access …

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VERSALIFT LAT-38-135-H is a winner

Description of a winner First of all, The safety Ideally suited for the arborist, telecoms and utility sectors, the LAT-38-135-H offers real innovation due to …

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Versalift - A company with success

It is always busy a busy time here at Versalift, due to a high demand on aerial access platforms. This means, that we have a busy production, and evolution of the company itself. Something new and exciting is always present at Versaift – either a new production series of aerial access platforms or reaching new milestones of sales. On our news page, you can learn more about this, and find out what is currently happening at Versalift.

Exciting news from Versalift

It is always an exciting time for Versalift. In the beginning of 2021, Versalift celebrated lift number 1000 of a new design manufactured in Denmark. An accomplishment that would reach the top of Mount Everest twice, if you total the heights of all 1000 lift vehicles. In less than three years, the yearly production in Denmark doubled ten times. A strong organizational foundation and facilities geared for growth provides encouraging prospects for the future at Versalift. 

A story like this, is something we at Versalift is very proud of, and therefor we post a story like this on our website. The same goes for a story like our Ruthmann Acquisition, which also happened early 2021. 

We are excited to bring new and exciting stories in the future, regarding stories such as new manufacturing and successful stories. Our website will be updated, every time a new story to tell, which happens quite often at Versalift. Either a success story or just anything that could be of  interest for our readers and clients. 

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for new posts on our website or Facebook and Linkedin. That way, you will be the first to read our exciting news. This way, you will also be part of our journey, with many more stories to come, and happy customers on the aerial access platforms market. 

Do you have something new and exciting to share, or just a good story? Reach out to us, and you will have a chance to be part of our next article from Versalift.

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Versalift news from Facebook