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MartinS, KimBJ and PeterNT

VERSALIFT International accelerates internationalization

Martin Sloth, Kim Bach Jensen and Peter Nørgaard Tipsmark To support and continue the strong growth and internationalization Versalift International is pleased toannounce 2 new ...
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VTL 120 nominated for IAPA

Versalift nominated for “Product of the Year”

The 100% electric VTL-120 from Versalift is norminated for “Product of the Year – Vehicle Mounted Platforms” by International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs). In ...
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Versalift vehicles

Big Finnish investment in Versalift

Janneniska Rent Oy, a Finnish rental company, continously expands their Versalift product range, thus heavily establishing a strong cooperation between Janneniska Rent Oy and Versalift. ...
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Live Line Project in Kenya

Successful launch of the Live Line Project in Kenya

Monday, October 28 was a day of celebration at Kenya Power Lighting Company in Nairobi, Kenya. The day marked the official launch of the Live ...
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100% Electric lift vehicle

Cutting-edge 100% Electric lift vehicle

VERSALIFT pushes the technological limits with the new 100% electric lift vehicle VERSALIFT proudly announce the development of an exciting 100% electric lift with a ...
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VDTL 165 F

World’s tallest working height for a 3,5-ton van-mount

Get the comfort of a van-mount and performance of chassis-mount VERSALIFT reaches new heights after launching the VDTL-165-F mounted on either a 3,5 t Renault ...
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LT-23-90-TB on a Fiat Doblo

Eye-catching line-up at Bauma 2019

Bauma 2019 in Munich is just around the corner and VERSALIFT is, as always, heavily present at the trade fair with several live lift vehicles. ...
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TIME Manufacturing Company

Re-branding at Versalift but same high quality

Following The Sterling Group’s acquisition of the TIME group from O’Flatherty Holding, Ireland, the company isre-branded to shift the emphasis on the Time brand to ...
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Versalift news from Facebook

Versalift - A company with success

It is always busy a busy time here at Versalift, due to a high demand on aerial access platforms. This means, that we have a busy production, and evolution of the company itself. Something new and exciting is always present at Versaift – either a new production series of aerial access platforms or reaching new milestones of sales. On our news page, you can learn more about this, and find out what is currently happening at Versalift.

Exciting news from Versalift

It is always an exciting time for Versalift. In the beginning of 2021, Versalift celebrated lift number 1000 of a new design manufactured in Denmark. An accomplishment that would reach the top of Mount Everest twice, if you total the heights of all 1000 lift vehicles. In less than three years, the yearly production in Denmark doubled ten times. A strong organizational foundation and facilities geared for growth provides encouraging prospects for the future at Versalift. 

A story like this, is something we at Versalift is very proud of, and therefor we post a story like this on our website. The same goes for a story like our Ruthmann Acquisition, which also happened early 2021. 

We are excited to bring new and exciting stories in the future, regarding stories such as new manufacturing and successful stories. Our website will be updated, every time a new story to tell, which happens quite often at Versalift. Either a success story or just anything that could be of  interest for our readers and clients. 

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for new posts on our website or Facebook and Linkedin. That way, you will be the first to read our exciting news. This way, you will also be part of our journey, with many more stories to come, and happy customers on the aerial access platforms market. 

Do you have something new and exciting to share, or just a good story? Reach out to us, and you will have a chance to be part of our next article from Versalift.

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Versalift news from Facebook

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