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TIME Manufacturing Company (MFG), located in Waco, Texas, U.S.A., is the world’s leading producer of aerial work platforms – specializing in the production of vehicle mounted access platforms.  Versalift International, Headquartered in Farsø, Denmark is the global export division of TIME Manufacturing Company and is responsible for the global export of more than 1000 aerial access platforms every year to countries outside of the Americas. The export is based on a worldwide network of distributors selling with reference to the export division in Denmark.

Versalift aerial access platforms are a result of solid and continuously developed engineering work, based on modern market researches. Our products are developed with the properties, which fills the market needs, in a competitive market of aerial access platforms. Versalift is know as a reliable product of high quality, with low maintenance costs.

Innovative design

All products from Versalift is equipped with a control system, which is the most precise system on the market today and comes with a build in LMC-control panel, which controls the expandable range automatically. Our products also come with a walk-in or duck-under system, which gives you stabile work conditions. The boom and turret is made with an improved design, leaving no components exposed.

We offer light weight lifts, which means that you get more payload capacity for a workshop and tools in the van. Our products also come with a bigger, more solid turret, which increase the boom range and improves the stability.

Lightweight but strong product

Lightweight materials have more advantages, which ensures you maximum payload – in addition, it contributes to fuel savings and reduce wear on your vehicle over longer time.

Innovative leader

Aerial access platforms, which are built and designed by Versalift is among the safest and most reliable in the business. Since 1965, Versalift has built op a strong reputation as the innovative leader in the production of lifts

Engineering team

Our engineering team works hard to refine and improve our products, in order to live up to current market standards. These are improvements such as increased lightness, better materials, improved safety, and even better durability. That way, we make sure to keep up with the technological development and thus continue to offer the best lifts to our customers. We constantly work to improve the already unsurpassed safety and durability, which already exist on all lifts, designed, and produced by Versalift.

Lightweight materials

By using lightweight materials, which includes a boom made by aluminum and a turret, produced by ultra high strength steel, we make sure that the lifts have an unsurpassed structural strength, rigidity, and performance. That way, we can build the lightest produced lifts on the market today.

Reliability of our products

Reliability of our lifts is just as important to us, as for the customer. That is why, we offer inspection and service on all lifts that we sell. This means, that all lifts purchased at Versalift stays in business for many years, by offering the proper service for your product. We take good care of your lift, through professional servicing – when you pick Versalift as your service partner, you ensure yourself the best possible service.

Safety when working in heights

Working in heights made easy

Versalift makes it easy for you to work in heights, everything from light poles to high voltage power lines, and everything in between. We offer lifts in heights from 9 to 24 meters. 

Versalift - safe products

All products produced by Versalift is among the safest and most reliable in the business, and we offer our customers a wide selection of lift products.

Training courses

Furthermore, we offer training courses, where you and your coworkers will become more familiar with the use of lifts and safety thereof.

Product names and explanation

All Versalift products, has an abbreviation, which describes the product. You can learn more about our product names and what they mean below. You are most welcome to contact us, if you wish to learn more about our products, or if you want a non-binding offer.

LAT: Light Articulating Telescopic 

LT: Light Telescopic 

VDT: Versalift Dual Telescopic 

VDTL: Versalift Dual Telescopic Light 

VT: Versalift Telescopic 

VTL: Versalift Telescopic Light 

VTM: Versalift Telescopic Medium 

VTX: Versalift Telescopic X-shape

Versalift has been technical pioneers in the industry of lifts for a long time. That is why, we also offer hybrid and 100% electrical solutions, which are an innovative solution to become more environmentally friendly. You are very welcome to read more about our hybrid and electrical solutions here.

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