Additional Versalifts for Scopelec

TIME Versalift have supplied the French telecommunications and infrastructure company Scopelec with an additional 4 van-mounted Versalift platforms as part of a major fleet expansion and renewal process. For this particular constellation, Scopelec is the end user of the platform vehicles, which are leased from an intermediary.

The full order comprises a large number of 12.5 metre Versalift ETL-32-125 platforms with fixed flybooms and 1-man buckets installed on 3.5 t Renault Master vans. All platform vehicles are fitted with workshop interior, external ladder storage brackets on the sides, and full signalisation and warning triangles to comply with French regulations for commercial vehicles.

Scopelec is one of the leading French telecom subcontractors of Orange employing more than 3.000 at the company’s 72 locations in France. Scopelec uses a large fleet of van-mounted platforms, which already includes several Versalifts prior to the ongoing fleet expansion.

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